People in one part of Bedford County are marking a solemn anniversary that put their community on the map.

Wednesday is the 125th anniversary of the Thaxton train wreck.  On July 2, 1889 heavy rains caused a hole to form under the railroad tracks at what was then called "Thaxton Switch."

A Norfolk and Western train, traveling from Roanoke, came through in the middle of the night and plunged into the hole.  18 men, women and children were killed.

Cindy Orange Neely, a Thaxton resident, erected a sign on Route 460 to remind drivers about the anniversary.

"At least for that moment, when they're driving past that sign, they will think about those people," Neely told WDBJ7 Wednesday.  "Even if they don't ever think of them again, I feel like it's important that they are remembered."

An author named Michael Jones has written a book about the wreck called "Lost at Thaxton," which includes photos and stories about the tragic accident.