Inside of the Schaeffer Memorial Baptist Church in Christiansburg, the New River Valley NAACP chapter remembered a pioneer in the civil rights movement, the Rev. Doctor Martin Luther King Jr.

“Dr Martin Luther King was a civil rights leader, he was a humanitarian; he was a man who believed in equal justice for all and he gave his entire life to that effort,” said NAACP Secretary Deborah Travis.

Dr. King affected the lives of many people. His fight is still fresh in the minds of those who watched TV and listened to the radio during the civil rights era. His stories grace history books for those born after his death to learn from.

“Today is a celebration for a tremendous man that sacrificed his life for so many. He was a man that believed in peaceful movements, said NAACP President Alvin Humes.

“I spent a lot of time listening to his speeches in preparation for this one. He's a tremendous speaker, he has tremendous emotional reserve and that impress me tremendously because he engages his listeners,” said speaker Lawrence Bechtel.

Some people still remember where they were when they heard King's iconic "I Have a Dream Speech"

“I was sitting in the living room of my home in a little place call Cumberland County, Virginia with my mother and I heard that great speech and it will always be with me,” said Travis.