Dr. Ian Smith, bestselling author of The Truth About Men, host of TV’s The Doctors, and a Harvard-educated MD says that when it comes to finding love, it’s time for people to empower themselves.

According to Dr. Smith, anyone can change their romantic life by taking charge of it the way they do with their retirement planning, career and even apartment or house hunting. Dr. Smith will discuss how learning what to do and what not to do can significantly increase or decrease your odds of getting a date.

In this tour, Dr. Smith gives five tips to take any dating naysayer out of the doldrums and get them out on the town with that special someone. His sure-fire tips include:

1). Face The Facts: Stop waiting for your “Romantic Comedy” moment. Be proactive and go online. According to Pew Internet Research, over two-thirds of people who have set-up online dating profiles have gone on dates with people they met online and almost a quarter of people met a spouse or long-term partner online.

2). Take Control - Be Strategic: Treat the search as you would a job search or finding a place to live. Make a plan and choose a method of meeting people with high returns.

3). Create a Winning Profile: From your photo to your description, there are simple tips to ensure you stand out the way you want to. Think of it as your resume or an ad for who you are. Learn how what you say and show on your profile can increase or decrease your odds. Data shows that photos with pets receive 53% fewer messages and photos with full-body shots receive 203% more messages.

4). Don’t Be Negative - It’s a Turnoff: Describe yourself and what you’re looking for in a positive light. Using words like creative, laugh, ambitious or healthy gets 33% more messages.

5). Choose Wisely: Not everyone is a match. Choosing the “right” person to go on a date with is key. Once you spot someone who fits your criteria, send them a personal note and be sure to comment on their interests – data shows that you’ll get a much higher response rate if you do.