If you've noticed more Dollar General stores popping up, you aren't seeing things.

A spokesperson for the retailer says the company often builds new stores in areas that are rural and sometimes in counties that are low income, though many demographics come into play.

A new Dollar General Market is under construction on Piney Forest Road in Danville.

It's expected to open this spring.

A spokesperson with the company says there are 306 stores open in Virginia, 48 of those opened since the beginning of 2011 including more than 10 in our area.

"In some towns that a lot of people would consider pretty rural we actually sometime will have at least two stores in communities like that but again understanding that convenience is a major factor in why people shop with Dollar General," said Crystal Ghassemi with the Dollar General Corporation.

She says most of their customers visit from within a 10 minute drive. The team that searches for future store locations uses this criteria.

"One of which is our demographic areas we want to make sure the local community will support the store, we look at traffic patterns, convenience factors, and then we also look at the competitive landscape. We want to understand who our competition is in the area," Ghassemi said, adding that many demographics including incomes is considered when searching for an new spot.

The company plans to open 700 new stores in the United States this year.