More than 400 people formed a human conveyor belt to put together packaged meals. Ferrum College celebrated Founder's Day by partnering with the organization "Stop Hunger Now."

“This is the power of what we do. When we believe in the American dream, and we believe in the opportunity to give back, and that's why it's so special,” said Ferrum President Jennifer Braaten.

The groups packaged a rice and vegetable mix, and each person was assigned a task. The bag with the mix was filled and measured. Other groups sealed the packages and boxed them for shipping.

“I'm leaving Monday to go to Ghana in West Africa and it's the dry season. People are starving right now. There is a real need to have food; have clean water. So these meals will go to people like that,” said missionary Walter Hughes.

The group made more than 50,000 packages of food. For every 5000 packages, a gong was rung. It showed that the group was one step closer to its goal of helping people in need.

“Even though we'll never see those people, we thought that it's for a great cause and it warms our hearts,” said student Grant Waldrop.

“It's a chance for life; it's a chance for a future. It's a chance for an education without this they don't have a reason to got school, said Stop Hunger Now Program Manager Troy Henson.

The recipients will be school aged children and their families will soon have peace of mind knowing that food is on the way, while kids helping at the event know their work is making a difference.