The Flying Mouse Brewery is taking off in Botetourt County

The county's first brewery opened at the end of the summer

POSTED: 04:41 PM EDT Oct 14, 2013    UPDATED: 10:12 PM EDT Oct 14, 2013 

The board of supervisors voted just weeks ago to approve a 36-thousand dollar incentives package to the help business grow.

The Flying Mouse Brewery is located in Troutville.

It's in a former precast concrete plant.

The brewery opened to the public just after Labor Day.

It features three-different types of craft beers.

And- like the wine industry, which has taken off throughout the Commonwealth, owners hope this can be another draw for regional tourism.

"We think it's great that there's other breweries. You visit one, you visit another and we work together in getting people to enjoy craft beer," says Marketing Director John Garrett.

Founder/Brewer Frank Moeller agrees, "We're trying to align ourselves with outdoor activity. We're right off the Appalachian Trail, Valley Road right here off Valley Road is a bicentennial route 76 bicycle trail, so we're trying to see if we can by next spring, host some bicycle events."

Moeller lives in Troutville.

He says he specifically looked to locate this business in Botetourt County because it's something the area didn't have, plus this property has room to grow.

The brewery is hosting a grand opening, this Saturday, October 19th from 2:30 - 9p.m.

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