The only American to die in a train wreck in Spain is from Virginia.

The train crashed Wednesday in Santiago de Compostela.

Ana-Maria Cordoba is among the 80 people who died.

She was from Annandale and she worked for the Catholic church in nearby Arlington.

Her husband and daughter were also on the train.

They're among the dozens of people who got hurt.

The family was traveling to see their son at a religious festival.

"I'm sure they were looking forward to it," said Michael Donahue from Diocese of Arlington, Virginia. "I can only imagine how horrible it must have been for their son, you know, waiting for them to arrive, and to hear the news of this terrible tragedy."

The driver of the train, Francisco Jose Garzon is in the hospital.

Investigators think he may have had the train going twice the speed limit when it came off the tracks.