A gluten-free diet is a diet that excludes the protein gluten.

Gluten can be found in whole grains like rye, wheat, and barley.

Tina Renick is a pediatric dietitian with Carilion Clinic. Renick has organized expo's that educate folks on the gluten-free diet and how to follow the regimen.

Renick teaches newly diagnosed celiac patients, both children and adults, about the gluten-free lifestyle.

This issue hits home for Renick because her 11 year old daughter was diagnosed with celiac disease at age three.

This diet can be both difficult and expensive but if you get creative and be patient the diet can be both successful and fun. offers some helpful tips for those struggling with the gluten-free diet:

Naturally Gluten Free Foods:

- Beans, seed, nuts in their natural unprocessed form

- Fresh eggs

- Fresh meats, fish, and poultry (not breaded, batter-coated or marinated)

- Fruits and vegetables

- Most dairy products

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