Any teacher knows if you can't get your students to care, they'll never learn.

One Virginia Tech professor has become renowned for his class that's so popular, it's standing room only inside McBryde Hall.

But last year, he knocked down the walls of his classroom and had quite the adventure.

His classes can have waiting lists.

Because maybe like no other teacher at Virginia Tech, geography professor John Boyer has the ability to relate the subjects to his hundreds of students.

Always clad in plaid, Boyer is better known as the Plaid Avenger, a "superhero" whose super power is shrinking international diplomacy into bite size pieces.

He just finished his latest episode last semester, going on an around the world trip on a cruise liner fashioned as a mobile university.

Semester at Sea is sponsored by the University of Virginia and Boyer used it as a chance to make the textbook come alive for his students in Blacksburg.