It was in the late 80's when the national show, "CBS Sunday Morning" featured a story on TAP and the organization's War on Poverty.

Nearly three-decades later, the fight continues.

But, the mission remains the same: "To help them get the education, training, the employment -that they can make a life on their own and be economically independent," explains Ted Edlich.

In the years since being showcased nationally, TAP has changed its name from "Total Action Against Poverty" to "Total Action for Progress" - its also changed its location.

TAP President Ted Edlich has been with the organization since the 60s.

"At the federal level it's cut back, at the state level it's cut back, and at the local level. So, there is a trickle down of scarcity, so you just have to work harder," Edlich explains.

Even though challenges remain, he hasn't lost hope.

"I'm optimistic about what we can do. I think we're going through an economic difficulty in this time, but Americans will find a way out of this," he says.

Edlich says funding is always an issue especially with cutbacks at the federal, state and local levels.

He also say there's more competition than ever before for grants and other money.

Here is the original story from CBS Sunday morning: