If you walk into the Roanoke Civic Center, your attention will be drawn in many directions. Dozens of boats and other marine supplies and equipment are on display for The Southwest Virginia Boat Dealers Association Boat Show

“Gives the consumer the opportunity to come and just see everything here,” said boat dealer Tim Wray.

“People can come, touch and get on the boat and just kind of compare with other dealers,” said boat dealer Scott Reynolds.

There's something for everybody, whether you're in the market for a new boat or just a curious enthusiast. Dealers say boat shows offer many incentives making it a good time to buy.

“A lot of people know, I better go to the show, because there's going to be the best rebates, the best extended warranty; there's going to be a break on financing; interest rates,” said boat dealer Mary Yeaman.

Among the big boats that were polished to perfection, stood little model boats. The wooden boats are hand made by Bill Gee.

“I had a stroke 21 years ago and the VA put me into wood working shop down there at the hospital. They didn't teach how to build boats but they taught me how to use the equipment,” said Gee.

Gee makes the model boats with one hand. He lost the use of his other hand after his stroke.