An elementary school student in Pittsylvania County is accused of beating his classmate. On Friday we confirmed this incident with the superintendent.

Tuesday afternoon the Pittsylvania County superintendent got word of a student leaving Twin Springs Elementary School with severe injuries. He says the student had been assaulted by another student in class.

Pittsylvania County Sheriff's deputies are now investigating, though it's unclear who notified the department. Virginia code instructs school systems to inform law enforcement when a situation reaches a certain degree of severity.

"There is another student involved that faces disciplinary actions. At this particular time we are completing, finalizing an investigations," McDaniel said.

The Pittsylvania County Schools Superintendent is not calling this a fight, rather a blatant assault.

"This was not an incident that involved two people equally involved," McDaniel said. "It's fair to say this was not a fight."

News of this incident is spreading quickly on Facebook. Friday afternoon the page, Justice for Damian had more than 2, 000 likes. The page was created two days ago. A story of the incident, written by someone anonymous, has been shared more than 13 hundred times with nearly 300 comments.

The student's grandmother had this to say about the page:

"... let's not condemn the principal or the PCS system. Let's pray for their guidance in resolving this matter as quickly as possible and to be in the best interest of all involved. Also, let's NOT condemn the other student, let's pray for him too. We don't know his situation either."

WDBJ7 reached out to person who created the Facebook page and the boy's family but didn't get a response.

McDaniel says he's disappointed with what people are saying online. He says not all information on Facebook is correct and plans to work with the school administration and school board on disciplinary actions.

Until then he's not sharing any more information.