Mount Union fans weren’t shy about showing their school pride. They were the first to arrive Friday Morning at Salem Stadium for the Stagg Bowl.

"This is passion, this is passion right here,” said Emme Winfield.

For some revelers this is more than just a game, its tradition. They look forward to the camaraderie and rivalry.

“We're serving food; we got a lot of friends from the area that will join us. You see two tables behind me; they'll be more on here than we can eat,” said Raiders Fan, Rad Yates.

Though competition is on the minds of many, there are some who attended for the fun of football and others who attended in the holiday spirit. Peggy and Chris Erwin brought along quite the spread for any donation amount. They plan to donate the money to a Roanoke School.

“Truthfully you have a lot of things at this time of year and so many people get tied up, buying things and this to us is important, said Peggy Erwin.

Many people say that this year's weather couldn't be any better.

“By for the best weather we've ever had for a Stagg Bowl, and of the twenty years, you could probably count on one hand the really good weather days, this is by far the best, said Game Manger, Carey Harveycutter.