Craig County High School put academics aside as it honored three of its own who died nearly one week ago in a car accident. It happened Sunday night when the driver of the SUV they were in lost control and crashed.

Just four days after that accident, people in Craig County were still in shock over what happened. Needless to say, Friday's game was all about coming together to heal.

Craig County High School Resource Officer, Kenneth Davis told WDBJ7, "All three of them. They just had a way of touching peoples' lives and changing their hearts in a great way."

The Friday night lights over Walton F. Mitchell Jr. field were bright but the spirits of those missing Megan Bradley, Carleigh Taylor and Tia Gardner, were dim. Messages of hope were written and white roses arranged in the shape of a heart to honor them.

Principal, Robert Stump, told Your Hometown News Leader, "So proud of our community. So proud of the students. They've helped each other through it, through the whole process. The teachers, the staff, community members."

"It's heartbreaking. That they had to leave so early. They didn't get to reach their full potential in life," said Dyanna Frango, a senior at Craig County High School and friend to the girls lost.

Fridays game was not about winning. Students were not thinking about their weekend homework. Friday's game was a tribute to these three young women.

White roses were given out, ribbons were worn in remembrance. Black stickers with the girls' initials could be seen on everyone and everything. Their friends leaving this lasting message.

"I just want to say fly high. You are our beautiful angels now. I wish that you were still here. We all do," Frango said.

Although graduates of Craig County High School, these ladies will always be a part of the Rockets pride.

"We're going to be here supporting their families knowing that they're seeing the ball game tonight, they're supporting us, they're still part of our family," Stump said.