FLOYD, Va. -- -

In an era when lots of people want everything ''super-sized," including their homes, there's a growing push to build smaller houses that are only a couple of hundred square feet.

From the outside, it looked like just a small home in Floyd County. But from the inside, everything was mini-me size.

This reporter quickly hopped on a small stool and sat inside the smaller-sized bathtub, which doubles as the kitchen sink.

Miniature homes have taken a foothold. Tiny home advocates say last year, as many as 2,600 people lived in small homes across the country. That number has nearly doubled this year.

Ricardo Brown bought his tiny home five years ago. Brown said downsizing makes sense and saves dollars.

"It's logical from a financial point of view," Brown said. "Suppose you have a limited budget. You know, so you build small as your budget allows, you can add on. That's the beauty of that. Large structure you have to have the money up front."

Brown gave us a tour of a tiny home owned by a friend. He said living tiny takes a certain mindset.

"It depends on the person. Some people find they can't live in something that small but most people can and it's about adaptability. It's about changing your expectations."

Living tiny means thinking tiny. It's all about becoming creative with what little space is there.

Inside one tiny home, the only closet is big enough to hold about six shirts. The shelves next to the toilet hold toilet paper and food items about three feet above the commode.

Brown said he built his own 320-square-foot home deep in the woods of Floyd County.

Hummingbirds surround his place, and Brown said he's at home when it's all small.

"This is something that anybody can do. You don't have to be a carpenter or a builder with years of experience. You can do this yourself. That's scary. It sounds daunting but it's really not."

Inside a tiny home, even a pair of nail clippers look huge and take up space.

Brown, strumming his guitar, said home is where the heart is, so long as it's small.