The storm preps are in full gear, but chances are a lot of you didn't have winter weather on your mind today.   

Chris, some of us could be in for a rude awakening tomorrow when the snow showers get going.

It was business as usual on the greenway today around 5 pm.

Folks say today was a day to get outside, since tomorrow chances are good they won't be moving around too much.

"Walked outside and realized how nice it was and I was just like "What am I doing inside?" I live just a couple blocks away and decided to go outside and get some fresh air," said Ben Garst.

Construction crews at Market Square worked with every little bit of daylight they could to get as much done.

"January I'm usually wearing pants," said Jeremy Lemon, a junior at Franklin County High School.

He was wearing shorts and a short sleeved shirt on January 20th.

Lemon said any chance he can get he's wearing shorts and a short sleeve shirt.

He was hoping for a four day weekend and he got one; Franklin County Schools are closed on Tuesday.

Appalachian Power is expecting demand for power to surge during the winter weather and impending cold.  We're expecting another polar vortex to come in, meaning temperatures will be in the low teens and single digits.

Appalachian Power wants to keep the lights on for everyone and is asking people to have adequate power supplies, decrease thermostat settings to the lowest comfortable level if health permits, and to try not to use major electric appliances like stoves, dishwashers and dryers until mid day or after 9 p.m.