Many people ended up with their cars stuck in the snow.

And that ended up being a challenge for tow truck drivers.

Kalyan Sriramameni drove all the way from Cincinnati to Roanoke in a rental car Wednesday night.  He says everything was fine until the last twenty miles.

It was even worse when he got into his Roanoke County apartment complex.

"I was trying to find a parking spot, but I couldn't find any, so I did this wrong thing of climbing a hill," Sriramameni said.

If his experience with getting stuck taught him anything, it's, "Yeah, maybe I should never do this again."

"Big trucks, little trucks, SUV's and a lot of two wheel drive cars," Timothy Meadows said laughing, "It don't matter what you got. Twenty inches of snow right on top of it, you gonna be stuck."

Meadows has done this for twenty years. He's used to the hustle and says it's been nonstop since the snow started falling.

"Twenty seven, twenty eight hours at first. And then got about four hours of sleep and went at it again," Meadows added.

As of noon, Meadows had freed three cars, gotten stuck three times himself, and still: "We've got about twelve more waiting."

For his sake and for yours, the next time snow happens, Meadows says, "Just stay at home."

We just got an alert from Roanoke County that they're going to start towing cars that are on the streets and in the way of plows.

So if you're one of those unlucky few, you may want to start making plans to tow it yourself sooner rather than later.