Bulging bins- days after your trash was supposed to go- are sitting around.
But, not for long..

"What we're doing today, we're picking up those residents in Southwest that did not have collection on Thursday," explains Skip Decker, Solid Waste Management Manager.

Winter weather brought collections to a halt.
Now, on what's usually a day off, crews are working to get back on track.

Even big trash trucks are having problems.
What is demanding work is made a little more taxing by icy spots, lots of cars and one lane streets.

"Well, it's a lil slick. You just gotta stay with it and work with it and hope everything turns out for the best. So far, so good," says service technician John Vaughn.

Crews tackled Thursday's route, Monday.
And, starting Tuesday will go to the "normal" holiday schedule and start on Monday's route, essentially shifting all pick ups by a day.

But, if your trash bins are usually picked in the alley- know that trash trucks won't be going there.

"We will not do any alley collections Monday, probably Tuesday, or Wednesday," says Decker.

Warmer temperatures are forecasted for later this week, the city hopes that will help crews get into those alleys by Friday

If there is no room for your bin, or you can't get to it because of the snow, Decker says tie up those bags of trash and bring them out to the curb or even put them on the snowdrift -and crews will get it from there.

If you are having trash problems/concerns, call: 540.853.2000, option 1.