The Capitol Christmas Tree will make it to Washington DC on Monday. It made a stop in Roanoke today, but that wasn't the only place you could find a Christmas Tree this early in the season.

Tree lots are already popping up. In our area, a wet spring made for some better trees and some people are already pulling the ornaments out.

The Thanksgiving turkeys aren't even in the oven and people are already trimming their trees!

The Hamill Family has been selling the Christmas dream for decades. Owner, John Hamill says, for these trees a nice, wet spring can make all the difference for one simple reason.

"You do get more growth with additional rainfall."

You also get fuller, thicker trees. Good news for this family who's already cashing in this season.

"I've sold a good number of trees so far. More than I've suspected. It seems to get a little earlier every year," Hamill said.

John doesn't know why that is but people we talked to say it's way too early to think about Christmas.

"Have to have some turkey first. We normally wait until the first weekend in December. So, after we have turkey, we'll get our tree," Cassandra Ramey told Your Hometown News Leader.

But we found other people searching for the perfect Christmas centerpiece a lot earlier than normal this year.

"We usually don't put it up for another month yet. But our daughter lives out of town and they're coming in next weekend," said Tracey Hall.

People we talked to say the trees seem to be making their appearance earlier and earlier every year, and tree farmers say forget the fake trees.

"Nothing beats the real thing. A real tree smells like a tree and it is a tree. I don't really see that there's any substitute," Hamill said.