The Roanoke Civic Center will get a new name in just a few months.

Roanoke City Council found out Monday that two local companies have put bids on naming rights for the civic center. Those include Haley Toyota and Berglund Automotive Group.

Roanoke City Council went with the highest bid from Berglund Automotive Group.

Berglund made a bid of $1,750,000. They will name the civic center the “Berglund Center.”

Berglund will pay $500,000 in the first year and the remainder in the next ten years.

Haley Toyota made a bid of $1,550,000. They wanted to pay $300,000 in the first year and the remainder in the next ten years. They also wanted to rename the building the “Haley Toyota Center.”

Berglund will also donate ten cars. Berglund Automotive's William Farrell said the details have yet to be worked out, but they will most likely donate a car every year and let the civic center give it away at its discretion.

Currently, the city spends $600,000 a year operating the center. The general manager of the Roanoke Civic Center told WDBJ7 a potential sponsor could offset part, if not all, of that cost.

The Berglund family said they are happy to be a part of this new chapter in the city of Roanoke.

"Both of us growing up here we've seen the civic center age throughout the years," said Farrell. "I don't know all the things they are going to do with the money, but they're certainly going to refreshen it."

The name change will come as soon as October 1.