We're learning new details about the possible connection between two Virginia Tech students: one of them a murder victim the other, her accused killer.

It's been four months since Samanata Shrestha's body was found inside her car.

The two people who police say are tied to the murder were in court Friday.

Shrestha was murdered back in February in Blacksburg. Since then one person has been charged with her murder.

Shrestha was a biology major at Virginia Tech. She was 21-years-old when she was murdered just before Valentine’s Day.

On Thursday, the two people accused of being connected to this murder case were in the Montgomery County Courthouse. Shrestha's family sat in the courtroom on the prosecution’s side.

There was an awkward moment, when the defendant's family realized it was sitting in front of the victim’s family, and moved.

Keifer Brown, dressed in a suit and tie, is charged as an accessory after the fact. Police say he helped move and hide Samanata Shrestha's body. He's been out on bond and remains free on bond.

The judge would not allow cameras in the courtroom Thursday during the evidentiary hearing involving the accused killer, Jessica Ewing, who's also a Virginia Tech student.

But one witness said Ewing and Shrestha didn't know each other well and may have been "in a romantic relationship and experimenting with their sexuality."

Another witness said she'd met Ewing through a bible study program on campus. Within hours of Shrestha's murder, that witness said Ewing told her "I killed someone and she was a good person."

Near the end of this probable cause hearing, the judge said he'd heard enough and would certify this case to the grand jury.