Governor Terry McAuliffe has turned to the Roanoke Valley for two important appointments. Sherman Lea and Court Rosen are now looking forward to new statewide responsibilities.

Lea has served for 10 years on Roanoke City Council, but it's the 35 he spent working for the Virginia Department of Corrections that prepared him for his new assignment, as a member of the Virginia Parole Board.

"I'm very appreciative of the governor giving me this opportunity to work in a field that I am very familiar with, having been in corrections for 35 years prior to my retirement." Lea told WDBJ7.

Court Rosen is halfway through his second 4-year term on city council. He's joining the Commonwealth Transportation Board.

 "It's a real honor to be serving in this capacity," Rosen said in an interview, "and I really look forward to the next several years in trying to advance transportation projects across the commonwealth."

Both men will continue to live in Roanoke and Lea says his presence here will mean less travel for southwest Virginians who need to meet with a parole board member.

"And I can move those meetings around," Lea said. "I can go further southwest, which I hope to do, to give those families an opportunity to talk to the parole board."

Rosen will fill an at-large position on the Transportation Board, joining former Delegate William Fralin who already represents the Salem District on the board.

"We have a very good relationship," Rosen said of Fralin. "I think we'll be a good team and work well. Obviously, one eye has to be across the state because this is a state board. We have to look at the transportation needs of the entire state, but in terms of the region we also need to make sure that we are getting our fair share of resources."

Both men have been appointed to 4-year terms.

Lea and Rosen say their new assignments won't conflict with their Roanoke responsibilities, and both plan to continue serving on city council.