EL PASO, Va. -

We are less than 24 hours away from the Hyundai Sun Bowl, and the teams are putting the finishing touches on their game plans.

The coaches met with the media for the final time Monday morning, keeping things light and certainly not revealing any information on their games plans for Tuesday.

"We'll just go with the flow. Just see how it goes. The Virginia Tech coach is right there man," UCLA coach Jim Mora said.

With a tough opponent of UCLA ahead of them, Virginia Tech will have its hands full come Tuesday afternoon. But Coach Frank Beamer was pleased with how his team practiced the past three days with their effort and energy, and is now focusing on how the guys will respond come game time with all the distractions a bowl game presents.

"I think the challenge is now, you know there's so many things going on today and during the regular season you go in at night and you have the pre-game meal, you go play and go home after,” Beamer said. “And the bowl games are so much different. To get mentally in the right frame of mind I think is exceptionally important in these bowl games, so that's what we're working on today."

It's been a good couple of days for the Hokies and the Bruins, doing team activities and even some combined events where the Sun Bowl opponents got to spend some time with each other. But all of that is over. Now, it's time to get down to business.

“Well I wouldn't necessarily say they're buddies. I think there's been some events where they've gotten to shake hands and you can see that there's a respect,” Mora said. “So I'm not too worried about them becoming great buddies. I'd love to see them after the game hopefully develop some friendships. I'm sure that there's players on our team that will eventually play with players on their team at the next level."

It certainly hasn't been an easy year for the Hokies dealing with a lot of adversity, and if they could cap off the season with a win over the Bruins, it would be a huge positive for Tech's program.

"I think it'd be a terrific year. I mean I try to look at the reality of the situation and the reality of the situation is that ACC teams are getting better,” Beamer said. “The reality is that we played a lot of young guys, had a couple of injuries that were really tough, but we hung in there and if we could end up as a ranked team that would be fantastic."