Crews are already digging in on a multi-million dollar, multi-year construction project over the Maury River.

"It's essentially 28 months -we're roughly four months into the project," said Rex Pearce, Virginia Department of Transportation bridge engineer.

The project in Rockbridge County will cover about a two-mile stretch of Interstate 64 from mile marker 53 to 55.

The goal is to breath new life into an old bridge.

"It's a rehabilitation," Pearce said. "It'll look just like it did when it was brand new essentially. We're just putting a new deck on it and we're doing some structural steel retro-fits and it'll just look brand new from the top when we're done."

This bridge is a little different than most.

It has a "delta frame" construction - named for the Greek letter "delta," which it resembles.

This unique construction garnered VDOT a national grant.

"The U.S. DOT has a Tiger grant program, it's very competitive, all 50 states submit for this Tiger grant and they look at various criteria," said VDOT Communications Manager Sandy Myers.

That grant will pay nearly $12 million of the construction's $16 million price tag.

Grading is the first phase of the project.

In late July to early August, construction will close east bound lanes and both directions of traffic will be re-routed in the west bound lanes.

Says Myers, "We're going to have two-way traffic on one bridge, separated by a barrier, so everybody needs to pay attention."

That will last about a year, before construction will start on the westbound side.

The entire project is expected to wrap in 2016.

In an effort to protect workers, speed limits in this area will be dropped from 70 miles per hour to 55.

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