Bandy Road in Roanoke County is proving to be quite the challenge for drivers. The mixture of rolling hills, snow and ice makes for a dangerous commute.

“It's very frustrating that you can't go out. You see people sliding in the ditch and you can't get out and help them. Tow trucks couldn't even get through here,” said resident Dolly Gearheart.

Dolly and Billy Gearheart have lived in their home on Bandy Road for 13 years and this is the worst they've ever seen their road. They say the Virginia Department of Transportation has usually been on top of getting their roads cleared after smaller snow events.

“They came here pretty often. When it's two or three inches they came during the night time; three or four time they're scraping the blacktop,” said Dolly Gearheart.

The Gearhearts say what makes this situation more dangerous is that their neighborhood is home to a lot of seniors. They've already had to cancel their doctor's appointments, and they may have to again next week if the roads aren't cleared.

For now, they say there isn't too much they can do if they need to leave their home for any reason.

“We just have to do without, no option there,” said Billy.

A neighbor told Billy Gearheart that VDOT was supposed to plow their street Saturday. Gearheart says he doesn't want to come down too hard on VDOT, he's just ready to get back on the road.