While some people are enjoying the unseasonably cool August, it's making life a little tougher for area vineyards.

Growers say while rain is a good thing, too much can take the sweetness out of fruits, especially grapes.

And too little, could hurt a harvest as well.

"Mother Nature's funny she does what she wants to do and there's not a doggone thing we can do about it," Danny Johnson, owner of Peaks Of Otter Winery told Your Hometown News Leader.

Danny Johnson has seen his share of bad weather this season.

"That cold weather that hit us in April, it just froze us out. And of course, the winter was so cold we lose a lot of trees from winter damage," Johnson said.

Temperature and rain fall have a big impact on how grapes mature, and how a wine tastes. It's all about ripeness.

"What you like to see are cool nights and sunny days." "You like to have it a little dry for grapes, so the grapes will get sweet. You want that sweetness for your wine," Johnson told WDBJ7.

The unseasonably cool and rainy summer has not been good for his orchard and the winery.

"On certain varieties, certain types that we've had, peaches especially, I'd say, we don't have 10 percent of a crop."

But Johnson says his farm can weather what Mother Nature has in store and expects that his fall fruits like apples will do just fine even with the cooler and wetter conditions this summer.