While many people around the region have flooded basements and other problems, the storms have brought up stories people are talking about even a day later.

One of those is about the man who saved a fawn from rushing water and we have new details.

Leon Bailey rescued a fawn that got swept up in the floodwater Wednesday.

The neighborhood kids were amazed and each gave the doe a name.

And apparently, they weren't the only ones talking about the excitement.

Bailey says it was all his co-workers could talk about today too.

"'Leon I would've took that home cause it's nice and tender cause it's young.' My God they had a field day and I laughed so hard my stomach was hurting,” Leon Bailey said.

So what happened to the doe?

Animal control picked her up.

The plan is to keep her at an animal wildlife rehabilitation center in Hanging Rock. They have hopes of reintroducing her into a new herd with a new mother sometime in the near future.