It's one of Roanoke's most public construction projects.

Contractors are nearly eight months into the Elm Avenue interchange project and we wanted to see how things were going.

Tens of thousands of you drive through here every single day.  Some travel headaches still persist during rush hour.

But VDOT officials say, for the most part, things are going smoothly.

We still have at least another 15 months before everything is done.

There are some changes in the coming weeks VDOT wants drivers to be aware of.

Construction is finishing up on the outer support structures  Soon, they will start building the middle support, which means instead of the outside lanes being closed, it'll be the inside two lanes, so be prepared for that.

Again, two lanes will be open at all times.  Drivers will also start seeing the steel beams across the Norfolk Southern tracks that run parallel to 581.

All the Elm Avenue traffic patterns through the area will remain the same.

Everything is still on time for the project, it's slated to finish by summer 2015.