Up-to-date with vaccines? August is Immunization Awareness Month

The month serves as a reminder for parents sending kids off back to school.

POSTED: 04:06 AM EST Dec 24, 2013    UPDATED: 06:17 PM EDT Aug 23, 2013 

August doesn't just mean back to school and the end of vacation, it's National Immunization Awareness Month.

Health Departments in our area are using the remainder of the month to remind you to get all your vaccines updated.

Nurses in Danville and Pittsylvania County have been posting fliers and contacting schools to raise the awareness.

Students are required to have up-to-date vaccines before school starts.

After last year's unexpected Chicken Pox scare at Tunstall High School, doctor's suggest getting vaccinated even if you don't believe it's necessary.

"Since the vaccine schedule got more complicated we find that sometimes that more vaccines are missed, so to speak. So it's important to review it, and to obviously make sure your kid is prevented from being out of school, sick days so to speak and other students also," said Dr. Matthew Arroyo, director of the Pittsylvania-Danville Health District.

Dr. Matthew Arroyo recommends talking to your personal physician if you're unsure you need a new vaccine.

For more information about when it's the right time to get vaccinated, click here to go to the Center for Disease Control's Immunization web page.