The urban archery season is in full swing.

It's the second year Roanoke County is allowing hunters to kill antlerless deer in urban areas in an effort to keep the population in check.

The season started on September 7 and ends on October 4.

There's a lot of rules and regulations to it, but experts said it really serves a purpose in our area.

"When people get to complaining a whole lot about too many deer in the neighborhood and all of this stuff they have to do something," said Glenn Clingenpeel.

Clingenpeel works at Sportsmen Warehouse off of Hershberger Road and has taught archery for years.

He said if this year is anything like the last in Roanoke, it'll get the job done.

"Anytime you expand your hunting season it's going to affect the ratio of the deer that's out there," he said.

Roanoke County adopted the earlier hunting season to help control the population of does. Aside from the animals ravaging through people's yards and causing collisions on the roadways, they also pose a serious health risk.

"They will also develop diseases that will spread throughout the herds," said archery technician Rob Whittaker.

Whittaker has worked at Bryansteen’s Gun and Archery off of Peters Creek Road in Roanoke for more than 30 years. He said business has been steady as hunters prepare to take advantage of the early start to the season.

Each locality has its own set of rules hunters must follow, including requiring all hunters to have a license.

Some areas, like Roanoke, require them to shoot from an elevated level and be at least 100 yards away from a home.

Urban archery season is not open on National Forests or Department-owner lands.

Archery season starts the first weekend in October.

To see the rules and regulations for each locality, CLICK HERE.

Below are all of the regulations in Roanoke County:

  • Written permission from individual property owners must be in possession when discharging a bow.
  • No person shall discharge a bow from, over or across any street, sidewalk, alley, near primary or secondary highways, roadway, or public land or public place or near a school and county/town/regional parks within the County limits or toward any building or dwelling in such a manner that an arrow may strike it.
  • No person may discharge a bow unless from an elevated position of at least 10 feet above the ground.
  • It shall be unlawful for any person to engage in hunting with a bow or to discharge arrows from bows within 100 yards of a dwelling house or occupied building not his or her own.
  • In addition to the urban archery season, archery deer hunting is also allowed during the early archery season, the general firearms deer season, and during the late archery season (i.e., from the first Saturday in October through the first Saturday in January).
  • The urban archery season is not open on National Forests or Department-owner lands.