Homeowners along Dry Hollow Road are finally seeing a small fix to a major problem in their neighborhood.

The narrow trussel in their neighborhood has caused accidents at the entrance of the road for years. Not only is it narrow, but it also has no guardrails and you can't see who is driving on the other side.

However, just this week, the Virginia Department of Transportation added yield signs to help alleviate problems on the dangerous curve.

People who live in the area tell WDBJ 7 they are happy county leaders have finally heard their cries, but say it’s still not enough.

“It’s a good start,” said Chris Leneave.

But he feels crews need to widen the road so you can see who is coming the other way.

The Roanoke County Board of Supervisors voted in May to have a safety study done on the road.

No word yet on when those results will be finished.