The Virginia Department of Transportation has started a major project to deal with the traffic near the Valley View Boulevard exit.

"That'll be a big difference for drivers in how they commute and how they access that area over around Valley View," Virginia Department of Transportation spokesperson Jason Bond says.

The new diamond interchange project will soon allow drivers to get onto both the north and southbound lanes of Interstate 581, making travel around the crowded area easier.

"The bridge over the interstate will be widened out so it will be a wider bridge, it's going to be extended on one side," Bond tells us, "The diverging diamond traffic interchange will be built there on the bridge to bring the traffic in and out the new interchange pattern."

Sound walls, auxillary lanes and even a pedestrian bridge are all part of the project.  VDOT officials says the project will make travel in the area easier because volume on Interstate 581 is so high.  

"581 is the most heavily traveled road west of Richmond," Bond says, "So, we know that this is our main thoroughfare."

Maybe most importantly is the off-ramp from I-581 South onto Valley View Boulevard, and an on-ramp from Valley View Boulevard to I-581 North.

During construction, there will obviously be some lane closures and inconvenience to drivers. But they say, the project's good outweighs the bad.

For those interested in checking out the project for themselves, here is a link to the specifics: