Route 311 in Roanoke County is one of the busiest roads in the area. Traffic has always been a concern for those who drive or live there, but now we're learning that's not the only thing on their minds.

An embankment is raising concerns with locals and drivers who use the road.

Fallen rock and shale have always been a problem, but it's gotten worse over the past few months.

"It seems to be curving in more and more so it looks unsteady,” said nearby resident Amy Firebaugh.

The Virginia Department of Transportation considers it a "trouble spot" for rock fall in general, but said the winter season was hard on the mountain.

"A lot of times the embankment and stuff looks like shale is cracking and breaking off of it and a lot of times I will come through there and there will be a mess out there close to the shoulder,” said Carter Vaught.

A spokesman for VDOT said moisture has caused the mountain to freeze and thaw. The process has happened enough that rock is now falling onto the roadway.

People who live nearby said it doesn't happen often, but it's enough to raise concerns.

"I've had a rock fall in front of my car and bump up against my bumper and I ran over it, so yeah it's scary,” said Firebaugh.

VDOT crews recently put in barrels and barriers to help catch the rock before it gets on to the roadway.

Crews are looking at options of how to fix it, but there's no definite plan in place yet.

VDOT said there's no indication that the slope will come down at this point.