The Virginia Department of Transportation isn't taking any chances with what is expected to be the first big snowfall of the season.

Crews spent Monday brining the roads in preparation of the winter storm.

"It's going to be rough," said Pulaski resident Randy Queen. "I go to work in the mornings, so I don't know what it will be like."

Queen is just one of many drivers fearing the worst.

"A lot of people aren't used to driving in snow, rain and ice and so sometimes it can be a problem," said John Downie.

Downie stopped at a rest stop along I-81 Monday afternoon. He is headed to New York from Georgia and plans to drive all day Monday to stay ahead of the storm.

Monday was a state holiday, but VDOT crews were called in to prep the roads for Mother Nature.

Trucks headed out early in the morning before any accumulation started.

"Pretreating is not something we can do with every storm and it has to be the right temperature," said VDOT spokesman Jason Bond. "The temps need to be warm before we lay the brine."

Bond said the pretreatment doesn't mean the roads will be clear.

"It just means that there's this layer of salt and water on the road surface that helps prevent snow and ice from bonding to road surface so when we plow it comes up easier."

As for drivers, they plan on either staying off the roads altogether or changing what they do behind the wheel.

"I just slow down," said Queen. "That's the best thing you can do. Slow down and take it easy."

Conditions could change rapidly overnight Monday, if temperatures fall.

According to Bond, VDOT has more crews on standby if conditions worsen.

More updates are expected later Monday night.

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