Right now, snow is probably one of the last things on your mind.

But in one tiny part of Roanoke County, it's priority number one.

Bent Mountain is a litmus test of sorts in the winter time; if people can't get around up here, it means no school for everyone.

Behind me is a big step to try and change all that.

"If it's coming down fast you do not want to be on that road until the truck comes through," said Karen Scott, a Bent Mountain resident.

This facility is the Virginia Department of Transportation's attempt to make winter less harsh up here.

"The county keeps the roads open pretty well up here but if we get a quick snow that falls down fast they don't have time to treat the roads then it takes a long time to get around and scrape them," Scott said.

VDOT and its contractors say that's the point of this facility.

"It's mainly a salt facility and a storage facility for trucks and it's mainly in case of a weather event," said Rick Sigmon, a contractor who manages the project.

We're told the garage and storage facility will be unmanned and then when VDOT thinks bad weather is on the way, it will be staffed in preparation.

It's bigger and more conveniently located than salt he other storage facilities in Bent Mountain.

"The new one is right on 221 and it's at the top of the mountain which is better because they don't have to plow their way to 221," Scott explained.

As for when it will be done: Sigmon says, scheduled completion is September.

That's just in time for whatever Mother Nature throws at Bent Mountain again this winter.

This facility is called a sub-area, VDOT has several of them throughout the district.

When it's finished this fall, it can get four trucks in here and enough salt to keep the roadways clear.