With most main roads cleared, crews from the Virginia Department of Transportation are focusing their efforts on secondary roads and neighborhood streets.

However, parts of Route 221 and Route 8 in Floyd County are still covered.

Across the state, Virginia State Police responded to 6,208 calls for service. Those included 1,467 accidents and 1,599 disabled vehicles.

Two people died in accidents across Virginia. One of the fatal accidents was in Halifax County: http://www.wdbj7.com/news/local/man-dead-wife-seriously-injured-in-halifax-county-headon-collision/24445746

Appomattox Division: 199 traffic crashes and 147 disabled vehicles…663 calls for service.

Wytheville Division: 130 traffic crashes and 226 disabled vehicles…921 calls for service.

Salem Division: 197 traffic crashes and 385 disabled vehicles…1,144 calls for service.

Here is a news release from VDOT:

Warm temperatures and the efforts of snow plow drivers have improved road conditions throughout western Virginia. Most primary routes (those numbered 1-599) and all interstates (I-77, I-81 and I-581) are in minor condition, which means they are mostly clear with isolated slick spots.

Drifting snow has covered portions of Route 221 and Route 8 in Floyd County, so these roads are considered to be in moderate condition.
Snow plow drivers throughout the region are currently working to plow secondary roads (those numbered 600 and above) and neighborhood streets.

Citizens are asked to remain patient as equipment operators are working as quickly as possible to plow residential streets. Motorists should also remember that patches of frozen, packed-down snow or ice may remain after these roads are plowed.

VDOT encourages citizens to shovel snow to the right as they face the street as this will lessen the amount of snow pushed back into driveways when snow plows pass through. As reminder, VDOT does not plow private roads or driveways.

While warmer temperatures are helping to melt snow and ice today, low temperatures tonight could mean slick roads and icy conditions.

The Salem District includes the counties of Bedford, Botetourt, Carroll, Craig, Floyd, Franklin, Giles, Henry, Montgomery, Patrick, Pulaski and Roanoke.


Drivers should be aware of icy conditions on Interstate 81 in Montgomery County and Pulaski County.

Crews are making progress clearing roads, but they still have a lot of work to do.

Where they have cleared roads, slush may have frozen-over overnight, so it could be slippery.

In Lynchburg, city leaders say it could be Friday afternoon or Saturday before crews reach all of the neighborhood streets. Road conditions are improving. However, drivers need to be mindful that temperatures below or near freezing could result in refreeze.

Here is the latest from VDOT:

Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) crews continue to make significant progress clearing roads of ice and snow over much of the state. Interstates and heavily traveled primary roads are mostly in minor condition, with some ice and snow patches. Motorists should watch for refreezing, causing slick driving conditions this morning.

Crews are focusing efforts on removing snow and ice on secondary roads – lower traveled routes and subdivision streets. These routes are mostly in moderate condition, with snow and ice covering much of the pavement.


This incident is now clear, but dangerous driving conditions exist in many areas along Interstate 81.

According to VDOT, northbound I-81 traffic is currently completely stopped at mile marker 103 and backed up for 13 miles. I-81 is expected to be closed for approximately 3 to 4 hours at this location.