The Blue Ridge Veterans Celebration honored veterans at its annual picnic.

It's was a windy day outside of the Vinton War Memorial, but it didn't stop people from honoring the men and women who served on the front lines.

“We can't say thank you enough as a nation, when I drove in this morning and I looked around; you think about how fortunate you are,” said Mark Hudzik.

A five dollar donation will benefit the Virginia Wounded Warrior Program, Military Family Support Center and Blue Ridge Veterans Celebration grants to local organizations.

If you happen to sit next to one of the veterans you're guaranteed to walk away with a little bit of history.

“The stories today are awesome, sometimes just walking around and listening,” said Hudzik. “We have World War II veterans here today, Korean veterans; we have Vietnam and we're hearing stories of what happened while they were serving in the different wars.”

Veterans are also thankful for the gratitude that's being shown, for some there was a time when their return home was clouded by insults.
“I think it's great. It's really really great that people are behind the veterans,” said veteran Curtis Hurst.

“We were proud to serve our country but today it just so much togetherness,” said David Mullins.

The organization has raised $5,000 in the last year.