The Virginia Board of Elections says it's gotten rid of close to 40,000 names off Voter Rolls.

Local voter registration officials say everyone who wants to vote will still be able to.

Virginia Democrats have filed a lawsuit in federal court saying that the voter purge should be illegal because mistakes will lead to disenfranchisement.

Many registrars say that measure is over-blown; that purging voter names is not a political issue.

Back in August, every locality received containing the names of people believed to be registered to vote in other states.

Those localities cross-checked every name on these lists and found that an overwhelming majority had moved to another state and were registered there.

Registrars tell me many people forget to notify the State Board of Elections when they move to another state.

State Democrats say the lists have inaccuracies, but registrars like Phyllis Booze in Botetourt County insist no one will lose their right to vote.

"If we make a mistake in taking someone off they can still be reinstated at the very worst they would do a provisional ballet and then if they show proof of residency, the electoral board is going to count that ballot," Booze said.

Because the local registrars followed up to make each voter in question was still a resident of Virginia, 11,000names statewide weren't purged, they were kept on the voter rolls.