The bleachers tower over the lawn. And underneath, workers secure the structures that will support more than 5,000 people on inauguration day.

Scaffolding covers the steps of the State Capitol, and crews are busy installing the plywood panels where state leaders and other dignitaries will sit.

Those are just a few of the 17,000 pieces that are coming together in Capitol Square.

Richard Sliwoski is the director of the Department of General Services. "My hope is that it goes off flawlessly and everyone comes out and once again says Virginia knows how to do an inauguration," Sliwoski told us. "No glitches and everyone has a good time and gets home safely."

Members of the inauguration committee say the event is more than a solemn ceremony, or the celebration that will follow the swearing in.

As work continues on the south side of the State Capitol and behind the scenes, they say it will reflect the bipartisan spirit that Terry McAulilffe hopes to foster as Virginia's governor.

Ashley Bauman is the spokesperson for the Inaugural Committee. "As you can see it's all hands on deck," Bauman said in an interview. "We're really pulling together to make this happen and make it really one of the most inclusive inaugurations that we've seen across the Commonwealth."

We expect more details next week, but the inaugural committee is planning activities across the state, including inaugural events in Tidewater and Southwest Virginia, and a day of service one week before the ceremony.

For more information, click on this link to the inaugural committee website