Virginia Republicans say the Governor is heading toward a government shutdown, as he presses his case for Medicaid expansion.

Monday morning, GOP leaders in the House of Delegates and State Senate also said they believe McAuliffe is making contingency plans to expand Medicaid by executive order.

 "And if so, he is needlessly imposing hardships on localities across Virginia, public safety agencies, social service agencies, teachers, treating them as pawns," said Senator Mark Obenshain. "And if so, he is also creating a contingency plan to impose a plan that a significant majority of Virginians oppose."

After signing mental health legislation in Charlottesville Monday afternoon, McAuliffe said he has no intention of shutting down state government, and said he still hopes to negotiate a compromise that will extend health insurance coverage to up to 400-thousand Virginians.

"Our government will never shut down," McAuliffe told reporters. "Let me be crystal celar. I have to do what I have to do as Governor to make sure that our key resources are taken care of. So put that aside. Let's use the next 60 days to come together."