Virginia State Police say car thefts are down in our state but more specifically in Roanoke.

Police believe they have seen a decrease in auto thefts because of alarm systems that come with many newer automobiles.

According the latest statistics released by the Virginia State Police, a total of 8, and 19 thefts were reported last year

That's 6 percent lower than in 2012.

The report also pointed out that from 1987 to 1991, car thefts had jumped to a whopping 42 percent.

That's because the older the car, the easier it is to steal.

Detectives in Roanoke say thieves aren't necessarily stripping the car for the parts either.

"Joyriders, they'll take the car, they hold on to them for a while and they're done with them when they run out of gas," says Detective Dale Blink.

Detectives say alarm system or not, never leave purses, shopping bags, phones, gps's, or anything that would give a thief an opportunity.

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