Just after Christmas, the Hokies will travel to El Paso, Texas for the second time in nearly 70 years for post-season play.

But first thing's first: the team has to unload all their baggage.

Lester Karlin is the equipment manager for the Virginia Tech Hokie football team.

"What we do is we're going to load up a 53 foot tractor trailer full of equipment,” Karlin said.

Twenty years ago, the Hokies might have packed maybe a ton of gear.

Tuesday, Lester's guessing that's up to 5 tons, and he should know; he's been working here for 36 years.

If anyone knows exactly how much gear's being hauled to the Sun Bowl in El Paso, Lester does.

Close to 60 footballs, hundreds of jerseys and practice uniforms. It's going to be cold in Texas.

"We'll take you know extra, two pairs gloves for everybody. Extra pair of socks for everybody,” Karlin said.

“Underwear?” I asked.

“Uh, well, not really,” Karlin said.

From nowhere, Dadi Nicolas, number 90, walked in looking for Lester.

"I left my socks, I don't got no socks on my loop,” Nicolas said.

“You took them home, don't be taking socks home. You're welcome, now get out of here!" Karlin said.

Don't be fooled - it's the equipment managers who know everything about the team.

I asked Brent Zackon, the student equipment manager, if he could remember the last time they forgot something for a bowl game.

"No sir. Lester? Nope, nothing,” Zackon said.

That's pretty good, knock on wood.

“Yeah, but if we don't have it, they don't need it,” Karlin said.