Virginia Tech's Office of Energy and Sustainability is encouraging all students, faculty, and staff on the Blacksburg campus to participate in its Lights Out!/Power Down! event to be held on Thursday, June 26, from 2 to 3 p.m.

Community members will be asked to turn off and unplug, if approThroughout the day, Facilities Services employees will canvass buildings to encourage and assist building occupants to turn off and power down. In addition, Facilities Operations HVAC staff will be reducing air conditioning levels in select, non-critical areas. Those impacted will be notified prior to the event.

As a large consumer of electricity, Virginia Tech is enrolled in “Emergency Demand Response (Load Management)”, a peak demand response program that pays customers in exchange for a commitment to reduce electrical load in the event of an electrical grid emergency condition that could result in outages.

Such commitments by large electricity consumers help electrical utility companies to meet the peak demand that typically occurs during hot, humid summer afternoons and early evenings. Program participants must successfully demonstrate for one hour their ability to meet their load reduction commitment. Lights Out!/Power Down! will coincide with Virginia Tech’s scheduled demonstration test.

During the 2013 Lights Out!/Power Down!, Virginia Tech exceeded its goal of 19,000 kilowatts, and as a result received payment of $132,931 for its participation. In addition, the university participated in an actual emergency load reduction on Sept. 11, 2013. Since 2010, Virginia Tech has received more than $760,000 for its the energy demand program. priate, all non-critical lighting and electrical loads during the one-hour event to kick-off the university’s summer electrical demand management program. The university's goal is to reduce electrical usage by 21,000 kilowatts.