Starting a new business is never easy, so most business owners will take any help they can get.

WDBJ7 New River Valley reporter Orlando Salinas has learned of a group of Virginia Tech students that are helping businesses use social media to make more money.

They're marketing students who may not know business just yet, but they do know the power of Facebook and Twitter.

Laureen Blakemore opened her business "Uncommonly Gifted" five months ago on Main Street in Blacksburg.

"We really want people to know we're here," said Blakemore. 

The story goes just by chance a Virginia Tech marketing professor walked into the store and told Blakemore about a social media marketing course where students help businesses build a social media footprint.

For about a month now, Jackie Mann and three other students have been helping build the business.

"We kind of set goals to get 500 friends and 100 Twitter followers to start out and we've reached our goals already. It's now getting VT students to come into the store," said Mann, 

More customers is the name of the game and Blakemore is having a special sale today.

"It's my dad's birthday, so it's 14 percent off. Happy birthday to my dad!"

Over the past twelve months, Virginia Tech says several businesses have been helped by the social media marketing team.

Mann, a senior, said both sides benefit.

"We need the experience with real business so why not work with real businesses in the community? We get the experience, they get the help."