SALEM, Va. -

A new poll says Virginians are split on the proposal to expand Medicaid, but the Roanoke College survey says they don't want Governor Terry McAuliffe to take action on his own.

The college surveyed more than 500 registered voters. 41 percent supported Medicaid expansion, while 46 percent were against.

A larger number, 61 percent, said they do not want the Governor to expand Medicaid on his own.

Harry Wilson is director of the Institute for Policy and Opinion Research at Roanoke College and WDBJ7's Senior Political Analyst. "There really is a clear preference that people would like to see things done, no question about that," Wilson said, "but that people would really prefer to see the government acting together as opposed to the President or the Governor, I think, of either political party acting sort of on their own."

The poll also included questions about government ethics.

One referred to the federal case involving former Governor Bob McDonnell. Asked if they thought McDonnell had done anything wrong,  54 percent of those who took part in the survey said yes. 20 percent said no. And 22 percent were unsure.