With blue skies and warmer temperatures, more people will be heading outdoors.
And this summer Roanoke County is hoping many of them will find their way to Explore Park.

This will be the first season that Roanoke County is calling the shots at Explore. And new management will bring a new focus. History will continue to be an important element of Explore, but the park's new profile will emphasize outdoor recreation.

Roanoke County plans to open additional acreage to passive use, and will have more than 14 miles of trails available when the full park reopens to the public on June first.

Doug Blount is the Director of Parks and Recreation. "I think that the historical part will always play an important role, because of the buildings here in the park," Blount told WDBJ7, "but I think we really are going to shift more to a new outdoor adventure type of perspective... because of having the mountains, the trails, the water."

A picture perfect day brought picnickers to Explore from the Blue Ridge Parkway.

Members of the Roanoke International Mountain Bike Association hit the trail for a midday ride.

This weekend, The Virginia High School Mountain Bike Race Series will bring more than 100 junior riders to the park. They'll be competing on a four mile loop, created with hundreds of hours of volunteer labor.

And Roanoke County is planning a free open house on May 10th, that will showcase all of the outdoor activities on tap this season at Explore.