The Roanoke Valley Convention and Visitors Bureau is upping its efforts to boost tourism in Virginia's Blue Ridge.

Delegates from Roanoke City, Salem, Roanoke, Franklin and Botetourt Counties were all at the announcement at Center in the Square.

Those areas used to promote themselves through the Visitors Bureau.

Now, the small businesses there can join the visitors bureau and get some free advertising.

Leaders at the Visitors Bureau call it regional teamwork that will help local economies.

"As a result of these jurisdictions working with us, everyone will be represented. Every winery, every museum, every artisan that falls within our jurisdiction will be on our website if they choose to do so," said Visitors Bureau president Landon Howard.

Leaders with the visitors bureau say the tourism industry is getting better every year.

They hope this announcement will it grow even more.

Last year the Convention and Visitors Bureau spent nearly $750,000 on advertising. That money came primarily from an increased room tax or a "visitor" tax. 

Leaders say hotel room demand has gone up every year in the past few years. Because more and more people are staying in the area, that means more and more money gets spent on advertising with the hope of drawing even more people.

It's a cycle that Virginia's Blue Ridge feels will be good.