VISTA Elementary Science Institute holds four week program for area teachers

POSTED: 07:41 PM EDT Jul 03, 2013 

Teachers around the region are getting some new lessons of their own.

VISTA Elementary Science Institute is holding a four week program for teachers in Blacksburg.

The goal is to teach them how to plan lessons in a more hands on way for students.

The program focuses on problem-based learning and getting students to ask questions themselves.

Teachers say they've learned science is not always a black and white subject.

“They get to use their imaginations, a lot of the students and the teachers have thought, oh science isn't imaginative. But in order to think of those questions, we have to have an imagination,” Fifth grade teacher Rose Norris said.

“They're working together, asking these really important questions to solve the big problem that we have,” Norris said.

Teachers from all grade levels in Roanoke City, Salem City and Roanoke, Montgomery and Carroll counties are taking part in the program.