You helped "Load the Bus" - now some area volunteers are working to go through the most donations ever brought in by the event.

Wednesday, employees from area Wells Fargo locations gathered at William Fleming High School to organize notebooks, paper, pencils and much more for the upcoming school year.

Last week, the community donated items for needy students.

In Roanoke City, those items will be given away to students during the annual Back to School Extravaganza.

Volunteers say they're glad to help.

"To see all of our team members rolling up their sleeves and putting a little work in today (Wednesday) for the greater good is awesome, because it's not about aptitude it's really about attitude - what's in our hearts not just our minds," says Wells Fargo Store Manager Erica Chamberlain.  "You said you were tickled when you saw all these donations," says the reporter.  "It made my heart smile for sure," says Chamberlain.

More than 22-hundred bags were prepared Wednesday.

Roanoke City School students will get their free bag of supplies during the Back to School Extravaganza happening on August 16th at William Fleming High School.

It goes from nine in the morning until noon.