After nearly a hundred years, two dormitories reserved for the Corps of Cadets at Virginia Tech are finally coming down, making room for new high-tech residence halls.

The military likes to stay on a tight schedule and that's what happened Tuesday in front of Rasche Hall.

Right around 2:00 p.m., the Commandant of Cadets took a big gold-plated sledgehammer and swung away like a champ, knocking a few corner bricks. The act is purely ceremonial, but it matters, and after the commandant loads of others took swings too.

The two new residence halls will have air conditioning, storage space, study space, some sort of kitchen, and a gym.

The nearly 300 cadets who lived in Rasche Hall have now been moved into other dorms.

Commandant of Cadets, Major General Randal D. Fullhart stood a few feet away, with the sounds of sledgehammers smashing bricks behind him.

"Well you know, today is really symbolic as you're seeing earlier on with the cadets and other members who are starting this process. They are really part of the next 140 plus years of history for this university and for this corps and this makes it really really personal for them," Fullhart said.

When both residence halls are done more than 1,100 cadets will be housed there.

Behind the new dorms will be another new building called the "Corps Leadership and Military Science Building."

The Commandant staff, ROTC staff, a museum, a tailor shop and classrooms will be under that roof.

Commandant Fullhart said the hope is these new cadet dorms will be ready in about three years. The price for tearing down and rebuilding the new dorms is $100 million.